Widows, Victims of War and Incorrect Beliefs

  28 minutes

  1 December 2018

Widowhood has many negative consequences for women in traditional Afghan society. Most widows in Afghanistan are grappling with psychological and physical violence and human rights abuses.
Aisha is a woman whose husband died of cancer ten years ago and left her with a world of responsibility in her deeply sad world. Aisha, a young woman at the time of her husband's death, raised and raised children alone. She, who has dedicated all her youth to raising her children and has claimed to be a stronger support for them than a man, is now rejected by her son.
Aisha was a school teacher until a few years ago and with the money she earns, she spins the wheel of the day, but now she makes a living by sewing. His wife was unemployed most of the time and was in poor health. According to Aisha, despite all of this, her husband's presence during the hard days of her life was always heartwarming, the wife of which was considered the pillar of her family, and the burden of life on her shoulders after her death.
Aisha herself says: "Although my husband was unemployed most of the time, his presence in my life was a source of encouragement and a companion to my lonely and lonely days. At least when he was alive, no one would look at me with the wrong eyes.