A Wedding Celebration Costing 55,000 Afghanis

  29 minutes

  6 October 2018

Shahrbano Norouzi (bride) dressed in a simple party dress and Officer Hassan Reza (groom) in military uniforms and helmets celebrated their bond in a simple and cheap saloon west of Kabul with dozens of workers on the road.
Unlike most weddings, the food and music were not happy, and it was held from 9am until 7pm. At this gathering, the ladies were invited by very close friends of the bride and groom. Also, about a hundred workers and a few groomsmen and close friends of the groom attended the celebration.
More or less than a thousand people attend wedding ceremonies common in western Kabul.
Hassan Reza and Shahrbano attempted to break through these five-year-old customs to satisfy their families. Shahrabanu's mother told her daughter, "What can I say to you that you don't see bread?"
The groom's friend says he is witnessing for the first time a working class and community working community in which some cash is distributed to workers. The bride and groom were not only drawn to the celebration, but also helped raise money for the low-income, working-class community.
The workers in turn donated the roses to the groom and the bride, and in return the groom and the bride presented each Afghan worker with a share in the event.