Increase in the TB Rate

  29 minutes

  29 September 2018

According to statistics from the Ministry of Public Health, there have been about 47406 TB cases reported across the country in the past year. According to Ministry of Public Health officials, statistics on tuberculosis in the country over the past few years have been unreliable. Two-thirds of the patients infected with the disease last year are women.
In 2016, the number of people with the disease was 43046, and in 2015, that number reached 37,000. An increase in the number of TB cases indicates that the Afghan government's efforts to combat the disease have not been effective.
Tuberculosis is a deadly but treatable disease. It has a direct impact on the lungs, and in countries such as Afghanistan where economic hardship is common, most people get it.
Ways to prevent this include vaccination, a healthy diet, the elimination of tuberculosis patients, and the use of masks when contacting a sick person and burning or burying patients.