Drivers do not take the Traffic Regulatory Committees seriously

  29 minutes

  23 June 2018

The Kabul City Traffic Supervisory Committee has banned two people from sitting in Chukai or on the front of public and private vehicles.
In a statement, the committee said: "The public will be informed of the sailors of Corolla, Seracas, Tunisia, private and state taxis, who will not be allowed to move two people to Seattle. "Do not do this separately, otherwise you will be faced with a serious and serious deal with the traffic management team of Kabul."
A few days have passed since the announcement, but most Linnie drivers still ride in the city ahead of the car.
A number of Kabul residents complain that the traffic department is not taking practical steps to implement the plan, and drivers are riding two people just as they did in the city in the days ahead.