A trip to the deprived land of Badghis and the promises of the president to them

  29 minutes

  21 April 2018

The Badghis were waiting for the president on a cold autumn day to inaugurate the Kaisar-Man road. The inauguration of the road has long been a people's longing. Eventually, the president first came to Qalae now in Badghis for the first time during his rule. The president then went into a tent that had already been prepared for his speech under strict security measures. It came as President Rich's speech. At the beginning of his speech, he welcomed the inauguration of Kaisar-Laman Road.
He told the Badghis people that the two sections of the road would be completed in two and a half years. A civil rights activist in Badghis says that the road to Kaisar-Laman faces many problems. The president had no shortage of problems with the roadblock. The activist complains about not giving civil activists and people representatives the opportunity to express their problems.