Underage Marriage: Afghanistan's Record is Still Black

  29 minutes

  8 September 2018

Human rights in Afghanistan say that despite declines in the registration of underage marriages, the number of such marriages in Afghanistan remains high. The commission is particularly concerned about the rise in the number of underage marriages in insecure areas in our country.
But in the capital, Kabul, there are many girls whose childhoods have been gambled and forced into marriage.
This problem is not limited to poor and low-income families. Even wealthy families, on occasion, for some reason, marry their daughters before reaching legal age.
The belief that the daughter is owned by the people is rooted in the public mentality of the society and has a cultural and economic dimension, and this way of looking at the daughters has left the parents, especially the father, in the marriage of the girl's children.
Families with the girl's early marriage, on the other hand, hand over responsibility for the care of the other person to the "husband", who is a form of evasion of responsibility due to security and social conditions. On the other hand, it is economically convenient for them, not having to pay for their daughter's life and education. "