The Reasons Behind Naming Children

  28 minutes

  13 October 2018

Naming children is one of the most important discussions in families. Most often, choosing a name is not a coincidence, but rather a background that is based on one or more of the following motives such as ethnic-linguistic affiliation, ethnicity, religious-religious affiliation, parental thinking, role modeling, or similar motives and occasions.
The child is not in a position to choose his own name. This responsibility naturally rests with the parents. Parents here have a great responsibility to consider the future, the community, and all aspects of the name.
Although the name is chosen to distinguish one person from another, but since it is the most important part of a citizen's individual identity, it has a significant impact on one's social and psychological life.
Choosing inappropriate names causes people to be humiliated and reprimanded in the community. Choosing an in-house name for boy children and vice versa is also one of the issues that make these guys more difficult in the community.