Women Who Stay Home after Graduating from University

  29 minutes

  13 January 2018

The prevailing indoor environment of the community and the deterrence of families have made many educated women prefer home work to the outside.
These women, despite having a strong interest in working outside the home, have been forced to stay home.
Somayeh Nouri, more than three years old, has graduated from university and, despite her keen interest in work and financial independence, and wants to work outside the home, she has not been allowed to work by her family and has been asked to do so. To be at home and do the housework.
This woman expresses her heartache:
"When I tell my father, my mother and even my husband I have to work and have to work hard to earn a living and to make a living, they say, 'What do you need for a living?' The woman works out of the house, when you need to work out of the house that doesn't work, now that everything's up to you and you don't need to work out. They are not girls. They either have intellectual problems or they have financial problems and their relatives are relentless families who let them work out. "