Pressures to have a large family

  29 minutes

  2 December 2017

Men's domination of women's decision-making over the multiplicity of children and the involvement of those around them have left women with problems such as not caring for a child and a healthy upbringing. Some women who fail to raise a few children say that their children are born at the will of their husband or their husband's family.
There are also women who have had several children at the will of their husbands, but only themselves are responsible for the care of their children. Maryam says:
After the babies are born, my husband says: You are responsible for the care of the children and I only feed and spend for you.
Another woman named Shakariya says: "I only wanted two children but my husband wanted to have many children. Now I have six children. My husband has poor eyesight and cannot work. I am now wondering how to provide for the costs and expenses of our parents in this unemployment and difficult economic situation. ”