The Problems of Business Women in Herat

  29 minutes

  9 December 2017

In traditional societies such as Afghanistan and especially Herat province, it is much more difficult and costly for women to find a job than men.
Masoumeh is one of the women in Herat who, with her partners from Meditist, have launched a garment.
This production of clothing was initiated by her along with several other women. As she says, it is very difficult to set up a garment production that is fully managed by women in such a traditional society.
Unfair traditions of society in Herat, if it paves the way for everyone, do not open the way for women to trade in Herat, as it is a traditional society and for many other issues gives priority to women and girls.
As Masoumeh claims, public beliefs masquerade as a workplace and business environment, limiting the scope for their work, making this position costly for him and his co-workers.