The Problems of Female Police Officers in Herat

  29 minutes

  16 December 2017

Some female police soldiers in Herat province point to the existence of sexual harassment, insecurity and insignificance in military places, saying that traditional Herat society and patriarchal military positions were not a suitable place for female police officers. The task of women outside the home, and especially in military places, is still a contentious and challenging issue.
Some of these police soldiers say that no action has been taken by the government to address their problems and they are struggling with many problems.
Khadijeh, a soldier who has been serving as a police officer in Herat's security headquarters for four years. "His abilities are ignored by his male colleagues and he has always been subjected to gender discrimination," she says.
"There are a lot of security problems in my field. I am always bullied and the male soldiers have nothing to do with us. While we do most of the work, these are our fellow men who are always encouraged and We are always labeled as weak and weak.