Jesus Executed

  1 hour

  22 November 2021

In John 19:1-42 we read the story of Jesus' death. The soldiers take branches from a plant with sharp thorns, weave them into a crown and place it on Jesus's head. They hit him in the face, and mock and bully him, saying, "Hail, King of the Jews!" Then the religious authorities demand that Pilate crucify Jesus. He gives the order for Jesus to be executed. Soldiers strip him naked and nail Jesus to the cross. At the Foot of the Cross Jesus tells the Beloved Disciple to take care of his mother after he dies. He knows that his life is almost over, then He says his last words: "It is finished." He lowers his head and dies. Joseph of Arimathea asks Pilate if he can take Jesus's body away for burial. They wrap his body in the spices and some linens and place it in a tomb in a nearby garden.
What we see here is how real and authentic Jesus was during the process of the worst possible death imaginable. He kept his focus on the Father even when the sins and darkness of the world were upon him. Jesus death enabled us to once again experience the presence of God through the holy spirit and taught us that no matter what we are going through, we should trust that on the other side, there's a resurrection. He will give us life and walk us through any difficulty that we go through.