Jesus Prays

  1 hour

  5 November 2021

In John 17:1-26, we read that Jesus prays for himself. This shows us we can pray on our own behalf — for the purpose of glorifying God, to grow in our faith, and to communicate freely with God. We also read that Jesus prays for his followers, men who have been personally trained by Jesus, who are to experience great hardship in their faith and in preaching the truth. However, it is their teaching that leads others to believe in Christ. Christ prays to strengthen these men in their determination. He also prays they will not to be discouraged. Jesus is directly praying for the inner circle of his disciples, but what he said applies to all believers. In addition, we read that Jesus prays for all who believe in him. The main theme of this prayer is for a more unified Christian faith. This is not only the direct command of Christ but also the basic identity of the legitimate Christian faith. Unbelievers cannot see or experience God, so the main mission of believers is to present the truth of God to the world.