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David’s Son and Widow’s Mite

Live show

  1 hour

  24 March 2020

Jesus explains the verses from Psalms when David says the Lord said to my Lord. Jesus explains this verse and refers people to himself. Jesus is the Messiah. Then Jesus teaches a lesson about giving. The widow gave whatever she had. Sometimes we give to the poor out of our pride and fame. Jesus tells us to give out of a humble heart. When we give our life to the Lord we should give all aspects of our life not 50% or 75% or 90% but 100%. We and all aspects of our life belong to Jesus.

Mark 12


Shoaib was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. He studied Law and has worked for the UNHCR. He is fun to work with and speaks his mind. He desires to share the love of God and his faith in Jesus Christ with his fellow Afghans.