What Is a Human Being and What Is a Human Worth?

  17 minutes

  26 August 2019

A suicide bomber kills 25 people at one time. There are up to 200,000 abortions in Iran every year. What is the value of a human being in our countries? Better to ask, what is a human? How much is a human worth?
We say, “Knowing yourself is knowing God,” but maybe it’s better we say, “When we know God, we will know ourselves,” because God made us.
The first difference between a human and God is this: God is creator, man is creation. God is eternal and self-sufficient and humans are not. God is everywhere. He has given us the ability to think. God is creative and gives us the ability to create things. We are God’s noble creation, created in His image, special from the rest of creation.
Sadly, even though we are God’s noble creation, we also commit sin. We destroy creation and kill other humans. Even children fight over toys. Every human being has a sin nature. Sin entered the world with Adam and Eve, the first humans.
We Christians base our beliefs on the Bible. In the book Genesis, the first book of the Tawrat, we read that God made man in his image. God is one, and he is spirit. God made man in his image spiritually—not physically.
God made Adam and breathed life into him. God made us with a conscience so that we can know Him and relate to Him!
God made man male and female. Today homosexuality is popular, but from creation, we see God made two genders, male and female.
Man disobeyed God. All have sinned. But because God loves the world. He sent Jesus. We humans cannot reach God. But the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. This refers to Jesus. We can know God through Jesus.