Who Is God?

  15 minutes

  26 August 2019

We Christians worship the one and only Creator God, who was and is and will be. Creation shows God’s existence and power. We believe God is a spirit. He sees everything and hears everything, even though He doesn’t have eyes or ears like we do.
In the ancient times, the nonbelievers had many gods who fought with themselves. As Christians we believe that God is holy and without sin.
God made human beings as the highest creation. We are not robots but we can make our own decisions. Christians believe that God is good. God is perfect. God is Holy. He is Unchanging. He has other wonderful names: Almighty, Living, Yahweh, Judge, Creator, Savior, Loving.
The one beautiful name is, Heavenly Father. God is Love. He wants humans to be with Him forever. Whether we believe this or not, we can’t lessen God’s love. He always is love.
We can know this loving God by his Holy Word, which we call the Bible.