The Betrayal of Jesus

  1 hour

  12 November 2021

In John 18: 1-40, we read that Judas, a disciple of Jesus, betrays him and Jesus is arrested. Instead of fleeing or fighting and using violence, he goes forward calmly and asks the soldiers to take him away and let go of his disciples, which is the first act of sacrifice we read of in this chapter. Later on, we see that despite the chaos around him and him being at the center of the storm, Jesus remained calm and went through the process with patience and openness until he was crucified.
What we can learn from the first parts of this chapter is that we should truly trust God in difficult times. We can not always control what is going on around us. It is important to know that he will never leave us in the process. We read that the Jews asked Pilate to release a man named Barabbas, a terrorist and murderer, instead of Jesus. If anyone can say out loud, "Jesus died for my sins," he is Barabbas. He knew what Jesus's death for his sins and the death of the innocent for the sinner meant. In fact, Jesus' death on the cross is the foundation of Christianity. Jesus died for our sins so that we will be cleansed and saved. He died on the cross so that we can live.