The Birth of a Daughter in a Fanatical Family

  29 minutes

  27 August 2016

As long as the daughters are in the father's house, all their life is in the hands of their father and brothers. Even if their brother is younger than them! They must obey the younger brother. When they marry them at their own will, they leave all the affairs of their lives to the groom, who is another man. So where is the will that God has given to women? Aren't women and girls human? Don't they have the wisdom to make decisions for others? It is treated like an object and a commodity. As long as they go to their father's house, they have one owner, and as long as they go to their husband's house, their owner becomes someone else and their life belongs to him. However, during pregnancy, no mother is reduced by having a daughter and being a boy. So why is it that when a girl is born into a family, all faces are sad and full of wrinkles, but with the birth of a son, even long-lasting tiredness, great joy and happiness are forgotten? Some consider the girl's attention in her family to be the cause of problems that have not yet come, and perhaps will not, and consider the boy as a source of goodness and happiness.
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