Christian Character: Jealousy or Contentment

  1 hour

  7 May 2024

Jealousy is destructive because the jealous person thinks the other should fall. It is possible that the other will not fall at all, but will prosper, and this always creates more jealousy. This is vicious and bad behaviour because a jealous person does not like that another has a blessing and tries to pull him down or witness the fall of that person. We see many examples of Jealousy in the Bible, from the book of Genesis, like when Adam’s son Cain, killed his brother Abel, or when Joseph’s brothers sold him to Egyptians. Pharisees and religious leaders were jealous when they were jealous about Jesus. Jealousy breaks our relationship with God and with others. Instead of jealousy we can pray. We can thank God for our blessings and be content all the time.