The Celebration of Kindness in Kabul

  28 minutes

  6 April 2019

The cold winter weather is cold for everyone and warns them to be prepared. But for the downtrodden and the kids working on the roads, it's winter and colder. The roads in Kabul are full of children who work in cold weather, dressed in inappropriate clothes and shoes.
Until recently, they stumbled across the road to find their own bread and their family's cold. Children who occasionally cool their little hands with their mouths and even, often do not have the warmth of a pocket that can shelter these bruised and trembling hands.
A number of social activists, with the launch of the "Stage of Kindness" project, collected warm goods and clothing for the needy children, which saved many children from the chill.
Zabihullah Sadat, one of the station's organizers, says their aim was to launch a campaign to help poor people in the community and wealthy people reach out to those in need. He emphasizes that we need to promote a culture of service to our fellow citizens.