Did Jesus Christ Die on the Cross?

  27 minutes

  8 April 2023

The purpose of Jesus' death was for us to have eternal life. While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. He came to sacrifice his life for many. Who did Christ give his life for? For all those who believe in him. "Having faith" has a very deep meaning. It means to believe completely and deeply; It means being totally dependent on Christ, it means trusting him and not yourself. If our faith does not lead to obedience to Christ, it is a false faith.
What kind of life does Christ give? He gives eternal life. Eternal life does not just mean a life that lasts forever. Eternal life means life with God, a life full of joy, peace and justice. It is a life without tears, sorrow or pain. Eternal life is the heavenly reward and inheritance for all those who believe in Jesus.