Nothing Prevents a Decision

  29 minutes

  15 July 2017

In life, in any situation, we have to deal with problems so that we do not fall to the ground. Although I was born defective, I did not lose hope. With the encouragement of friends and the attention of my parents, I joined the school for the deaf. When I entered the school, I saw that dozens of people like me were deprived of the blessings of my speech. I even saw people worse than myself. I put aside my frustrations and talked to friends who were like me.
I found something in my new friends that, despite all the frustrations, I shouldn't lose hope and look good in the future. So I put my soul and spirit in the place of optimism and learning knowledge, and I answered those who looked down on me with a smile. I made a vow to myself that I would no longer think about my shortcomings and shortcomings, except to learn and learn and use my abilities.
Now I am in the twelfth grade and I have decided to become a teacher after learning science and knowledge. To help my fellow human beings learn new technologies and acquire knowledge.