Worship With the Words That Come From the Heart

  29 minutes

  13 July 2019

Many times when we prepare to worship and worship the Most High God, whether singly or in the form of a congregation, in the form of a congregation, we read or repeat the words, or someone in the crowd loudly reads and We say Amen without understanding his meaning, and we shake or shake his head as a confirmation of passion. We shake hands just to keep from shaking our heads, continuing our prayers and worship. This type of worship means that we only build our worship on a timely basis, without having any real connection with God, only on the basis of knowing others and not understanding God. When we go to God and worship Him, we must believe that I worship someone who is my Creator, the Creator of these beautiful and complex creatures. The words we use to worship him must be understood and emanate from our hearts and minds and intentions and express our heart's desire, not words that do not understand his meaning.
To understand which language and words of God we should worship, we ask you to listen to this program. Thanks!