The Purpose of Life: Living for Jesus

  1 hour

  25 January 2022

In Philippians 1:12-30 we read of the arrest of the apostle Paul by Roman agents. This reveals that his main priority even after his imprisonment is not himself, but the Gospel and Jesus Christ. He does not worry about himself because he knows that he will either be released from prison, or he will die and join Jesus in the afterlife, or that he will continue to serve Christ and preach the gospel by being acquitted. In any case, the name of Jesus will be revered and glorified. Later on, he says the main purpose of every Christian in life is nothing but having hope, humbleness, and a love to serve and glorify God's name. Then, Paul tells believers that despite persecution and danger, their lives as Christians should be in harmony with Jesus, who sacrificed himself out of his love for others and the salvation of mankind.