Nowruz 1403 2024

  29 minutes

  16 February 2024

Nowruz, which in northern Afghanistan is also known as the red Rose Festival, heralds the beginning of the new year in Afghanistan and Iran. Nowruz is an official holiday in countries such as Tajikistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, India, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Iraq, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Albania, China, and Uzbekistan, and people celebrate and dance. We inherited this ancient festival from our ancestors. And we have inherited different tribes in the region. A celebration with a special colour and smell is a symbol of the connexion between the tribes and the people of the region. We consider Nowruz to be the beginning of the resurrection of nature, the time for the growth and birth of plants, and we believe that along with nature, we should also start a new era with a new soul and spirit, a new thought and a new life. Nowruz symbolises the victory of good over evil.