Is There Anything in the Gospel of John About the Birth of Jesus?

  27 minutes

  27 November 2019

The world has become a world of names and fame ... we see the Afghan star. How young people give up all their work and life and go on to master, practice, participate in the Afghan star programme to find a name and address for themselves.
In our lifetime, many came and became famous and went away ... Many died and their names were forgotten and many became involved in other things and went away and even people no longer knew their names ... stars Many came and went.
In the Gospel of John, he speaks of a very famous and celebrated person who has a worldwide reputation and his name is Jesus.
In the first verse it says: In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God, and the Word was God himself, from the beginning was the Word with God.
This is the beginning of introducing this famous person ... that is the Word of God ... This Word has power ... Do you know Him?
Let's trust this eternal word to make us close to God the Father.