When God Gives, He Does Not Say Whose Son You Are.

Reflections on Life 2

  28 minutes

  29 April 2021

People ask: By praying to God can we change what he has already written in our destiny and given to us?
Yes, what happens in the future depends on what we do now and pray for it.
Prayer changes the future because:
In prayer I connect with God.
In prayer I surrender my will to him.
In prayer I walk in his bosom



Salam. I am Nazira. In 1991, when I was living in Delhi as a refugee, I met Khalil and we got married. We have four children. Khalil and I host the “Window of Light” programme together. As a woman, a wife, and a mother, I love to share my life experiences and blessings to the people of Afghanistan through “Window of Light” programmes and any other means. Besides our media productions, I also work as a dental assistant to supplement our life expenses. My hope and prayer is that Afghans will benefit from these programmes and understand who God is and be filled with His love, forgiveness and grace.



Salam. My name is Khalil. I was born in Afghanistan and graduated from Habibieh High School in Kabul. I got my master’s degree in Russian literature and social sciences in Ukraine. I worked as a lecturer at Kabul Pedagogical institute in Afghanistan. In 1991, I became a refugee in India and, after living in New Delhi for seven years, I migrated to Australia with my family, where we are living now. Currently, my wife Nazira and I are hosting a weekly TV programme “Window of Light”. As followers of Jesus, in “Window of Light", we talk about family life relationships; husband - wife, parents - children, and more, so that we can enjoy life for ourselves and for others. Recently we produced the first season of a family drama series called “Morad wa Manzil” (Destiny). You can watch this drama series on our website. I am thankful to God for bringing me into this world so I can be His representative on earth and shine for Him by any means.

How to watch Window of Light

Broadcast on SAT7 PARs each Friday at 9pm, just after the Secret of Life programme.
There are also repeats at other times in the week, and you can watch here on our website.

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