Danial Shayesteh - Christian Life Values

Reflections on Life

  28 minutes

  2 August 2019


Khalil and Nazira

Khalil was born and raised near Kabul, Afghanistan. He studied in Ukraine and was awarded a masters degree in Social science and Russian literature. He has worked as a lecturer at Kabul Pedagogical institute in Afghanistan. Nazira Nazira works in dental-care and co-hosts the Panjara-ye Noor programme with Khalil. Khalil and Nazira were married in 1991 while they were refugees in India, and have been blessed with four children. In 1993 they both accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour and then served among refugees in New Delhi. Nazira and Khalil desire to share the love of God and their faith in Jesus Christ with their fellow Afghans.