Can One God Be Three Persons?

  28 minutes

  22 June 2022

Question: "Do Christians worship three gods?"
Not at all. We, the followers of Christ, worship a God who reveals Himself in the Trinity or in three persons as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We know that from the Islamic point of view, God never comes down to save us, but only sends the message of how we should obey the law and burn.

But according to the teachings of the Bible and the experience of our faith, our God is the God of relationships.
He does not just send messages, but he wants to have a close, deep and intimate relationship with us.
It was because of this love that God - the Creator of heaven and earth (God the Father) came to earth and descended into the human body, which is Jesus Christ, nicknamed the Son of God.

And after Jesus Christ was raised again in the body of a man, and before he ascended into heaven with a glorified body, he said, I send my spirit (the Holy Spirit) to you to be always with you, and to follow you, and to love you, and to serve you. Help others.