Finding Truth in the Bible and Finding Rest in Jesus

  1 hour

  6 February 2024

How the world started was a question that bothered Shoaib for years. His education and religious background could not clearly answer that question. When he started reading the Bible, he read the first verse in Genesis 1:1, which says that in the beginning, God created everything from nothing. He grew up during war and violence in Afghanistan and lived a double life. This means that for others he was a good man, husband, father and worker, but inside, he knew that he was a sinner. He could not fix that he was a sinner. It was troubling his heart and his life. He read Matthew 11:28, in which Jesus said, "all who are weary come to me and I will give you rest. Shoaib recognised that he was a weary person and could not fix his own life. He believed in Jesus as Lord and Jesus fixed his double life. Because of this, Shoaib now lives for Jesus.