Noorullah's Story

  6 minutes 20 seconds

Watch and listen to Noorullah as he shares the story of his life and how he came to know about the one true God!


Programme Script / Lyrics

Internal change also changes human personality; external change also makes a person beautiful in terms of personality.

I was born in the beautiful city of Kabul in Afghanistan, my name is Noor and I am happy that this way I can share a part of my life with you and spend my childhood, youth and youth in the beautiful city of Kabul. I was still born into an almost religiously fanatical family, and two of my grandfathers were very committed to their religious habits.

As I told you, I was at home when I was young and as a child.

But I did not understand what it was, after I left school in Afghanistan and the conditions were such that we had to emigrate to come abroad, along the way I met Jesus Christ, I became acquainted with Christianity and when we arrived in Germany I was introduced to a The Armenian-speaking sister whose name I remained the angel of my salvation and whom God used, and I became a member of the Persian-speaking church and began my life with Jesus Christ.

And in this way, I thank God that I and my dear wife and three precious children believed together and became the heirs of a great divine family. Certainly in Afghanistan, an Afghan always grows up and gets used to the culture of his country and that is what Society and the country want him to learn the same and grow up with it.

When we immigrated, we came abroad and believed in Jesus Christ. In this way, the same faith in Jesus Christ changed my inner self, the inner change of human personality.

It gives external change to man. It also makes man beautiful in terms of personality. When man believes in Jesus Christ, he becomes beautiful inside man, man becomes one with that spirituality, just as man's external personality changes.

I was a very fun person at a young age, I was a person who liked to spend nights with a friend and comrade, like other young people to enjoy the illegitimate pleasures of this world and live with them.

And these are the negative things of the society that also have illegitimate pleasures. I thank God that after believing in all the illegitimate pleasures and the pleasures that I had in my youth and almost youth, they left me with their friends and comrades of that time.

Faith in Jesus Christ gives man a dream, a goal, most people on earth have no purpose and dream for their future and their life is aimless, night and day and night, normal living, working, having a job, school They go, they have the light of life, but they have no purpose, dream or hope for the future.

The goodness and beauty of Jesus Christ is that we have a glorious hope for our future. Including service for the patriots and service for our compatriots.

This is a message from the word of God, but I offer it to all the faith of the heart of the service of my dear patriots. Let me read this from the word of God.

My dear friends, my dear compatriots, in no religion, no school, no philosophy, no method and ideology, there is no salvation from sins and eternal eternity, except in the name of Jesus Christ. Believe in the name of Jesus Christ, be the heir of the kingdom of God, and be united with the Lord Jesus Christ in eternity