Did People Change the Word of God?

  30 minutes

  26 August 2019

Many of our people believe that God's Word has been changed. This is completely false. In this program, Jawad will give four reasons that shows us why the Word of God has not been changed. First, the people who have seen the miracles of God have the fear of God. So, as we fear God and would not think of changing it, so the Jews, who received the Word of God, would not have dared to change it. Second, if someone wanted to change the Word of God, they would change it for their own benefit. However, when we read the Word of God, the sin of the people are very evident. So, we have no reason to say that people changed the Word of God for their own benefit since it shows their own weaknesses and sins. Third, archaeologists continue to find early scrolls of the Bible that show they have not been changed. We have some of these scrolls and copies in museums that we can see for ourselves. So, according to archaeological research, we can with complete confidence say that the Bible has not been changed. Fourth, Jesus did not give his followers permission to change the Word of God. They did not need to change the Word of God because Jesus is alive. He was not sinful and had no faults. He displayed great miracles and was victorious over death. So, His disciples did not have any need to make anything up to make Jesus look better. Jesus was perfect and so He is the saviour. So, there was no need to change the Word of God.